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Struggling to keep up with household tasks? Let trusted cleaners handle the dirt and clutter while you enjoy the luxury of a spotless home.

At Marching Maids, we excel in matching you with high-quality cleaning services package, so you can have a flawlessly maintained space without the stress of endless negotiations and confusing quotes. Explore our wide selection of cleaning options tailored to suit all your requirements.

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Tired of the endless battle with pet fur and dander?
We all adore our beloved pets, yet maintaining a spotless home can be challenging with them around. This is where efficient cleaning services come to the rescue. They meticulously tackle pet fur and dander, guaranteeing a thoroughly clean environment that's inviting for both your furry companions and your family. Bid farewell to allergies and embrace cozy moments in a refreshed, pristine home.
Frustrated by windows and mirrors that never seem to stay clean?
Few things can spoil a bright day as swiftly as peering through a window tainted with streaks and smudges. It's more than just obstructing the view; it's about the impact these small imperfections have on the ambiance of your surroundings. With the expertise and proper tools, professional cleaners work wonders to restore that pristine, streak-free gleam. Invite the sunlight into your home through gleaming windows and mirrors that showcase nothing but the finest aspects of your space.
Dreading the tile and grout scrub-down?
Tiles and grout can often be a frustrating challenge for maintaining a pristine home, tarnishing what could otherwise be sparkling surfaces with dirt and aging. However, there's no need to face this battle solo. Professional deep cleaners possess powerful solutions and methods to rejuvenate tiles and grout, leaving them looking fresh and revitalized. Think of it as a rejuvenating spa treatment for your kitchen and bathroom floors—calming, invigorating, and immensely rewarding.
Battling bathroom blues from scale and soap scum?
Cleaning the bathroom is a task many of us would rather avoid. The stubborn accumulation of scale and soap scum not only ruins the appearance but also seems to taunt our cleaning efforts. Thankfully, professional deep cleaning services come to the rescue, restoring this space meant for cleanliness and relaxation. With their skillful touch, your bathroom fixtures will shine, transforming each day into a refreshing new beginning.
Home office turning into a house of chaos?
In today's age of remote work, a disorganized and dusty home office isn't just unsightly; it's a hindrance to productivity. Picture turning that disorder into a haven of efficiency with expert assistance. Our cleaners pay attention to the finer points—tidying up your electronics, sorting through those 'I'll deal with it later' piles, and ensuring your workspace is sanitized. It's more than just cleaning; it's creating the ideal environment for your most productive work.
Overwhelmed by clutter and don’t know where to start?
Clutter extends beyond the physical realm; it burdens the mind, creating a sense of disarray in everything. However, imagine lightening that load. Professional cleaning services do more than just clean; they restore order amidst chaos by decluttering and organizing your surroundings. It’s akin to refreshing your home, creating not just physical space, but also a tranquil state of mind.
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Why Choose Marching Maids House Cleaning Service?

Marching Maids is dedicated to delivering unparalleled residential cleaning services throughout Covina, maintaining a standard of excellence since 2015. We understand the significance of a clean, healthy environment for you and your pets, striving to elevate cleanliness standards in your home. Our referred professional cleaners are meticulous, dependable, and swift, ensuring a thorough clean that leaves no corner overlooked. Opting for Marching Maids is more than just hiring a cleaning service; it’s a commitment to enhancing the comfort and well-being of your living space. Our carefully selected licensed cleaners treat your home with the utmost care, mirroring the same diligence as they would in their own homes. Relax knowing that your home is impeccably clean. Experience the serenity and comfort of a spotless living space with Marching Maids, where a tidy home is essential for a happy life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Marching Maids provides services across Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Ventura Counties in California, as well as Denver County in Colorado, offering extensive coverage for your convenience.

The time required for cleaning varies based on the size of your residence and the services you require. Typically, a regular cleaning session lasts from 2 to 4 hours.

Booking a cleaning service with Marching Maids couldn’t be simpler! Just hop onto our website, pick the cleaning service that suits your needs, select your desired date and time, and complete the necessary details. Your booking will be confirmed shortly thereafter.

The choice is yours. Feel free to stay while we clean, or you can grant us access to your home. Be assured, our cleaners undergo rigorous screening and are reliable.

Our dedicated cleaning professionals undergo a thorough vetting procedure, which includes background checks, reference verifications, and face-to-face interviews, guaranteeing their adherence to our exacting standards of excellence and dependability.

Professionals arrive fully prepared with all the supplies and equipment needed.

Just make sure all areas requiring cleaning are accessible; there’s no need for any special preparation.

For years of serving Covina, here are the places that amazed us!

Phillips Mansion

2640 Pomona Blvd Pomona, CA 91768

Established in 1875. The Phillips Mansion, the first red brick building in the Pomona Valley area, was
built in 1875. The Historical Society of Pomona Valley now operates it as a museum, filled with
period appropriate artifacts, with tours available one Sunday per month.

Covina Valley Historical Society

125 E College St Covina, CA 91723

A great opportunity to learn about the history of Covina! You can visit their Jailhouse on Sundays from 1-3pm. They use this specific house for their board meetings and a few other things.

Spadra Cemetery

2850 Pomona Blvd Pomona, CA 91768

Creepy, serene, forgotten, and historical, a visit to Spadra Cemetary is a reminder that the history that shapes the present day isn’t always the type that makes headlines.