Domestic Worker Registration

Register as a service provider with Marching Maids

5 Awesome reasons to register as a domestic worker with Marching Maids in just 2 minutes!

Be your own boss

You are a true cleaning professional and so it's up to you to call the shots. You determine which cleaning supplies to use, which part of the house to clean first and how to make sure every client is a satisfied one!

Set your own hours

Marching Maids will work around your schedule to fill in the slow periods of your week. Do you have an opening between 12PM - 3PM and want to make some extra money? We’ll fill that slot for you so you never have a slow-down. Do you want to work all day Monday-Wednesday? Use the Marching Maids app to easily request jobs and we will add jobs to your calendar.  The best part is you remain in control

Determine where you want to work

Set your driving range to make sure you never have to drive farther than you want to. Registered Independent homekeepers that get the most jobs often have the widest driving range.

Get paid weekly

You never have to wait long before getting paid. You will be paid every Monday morning so your wallet never runs empty!

Convenient scheduling system

The Marching Maids app makes it easy to set your availability, see the jobs in your schedule and help organize your life.

We collect payment so you don't have to

Marching Maids will collect the payment from the customer so you have one less thing to worry about.