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In 2015 we set out to make the most affordable house cleaning service Ventura County by starting from the very basics and working our way up.  When potential customers search for a the best house cleaning service near me, what do they expect to find? An affordable house cleaning service with trustworthy professional cleaners that will go the extra mile to restore their home to its previous glory.  We go to great lengths to find the best independent house cleaning pros that are professionally trained and highly skilled to give you the best housekeeping service possible.  How to find individual house cleaners is very challenging.  We search at great lengths to find the most worthy, put them through scrupulous vetting before we feel confident in referingr you the most capable and passionate professional maid services near you.  These amazing house cleaning specialists are amazing at what they do and can provide you with a multitude of house cleaning services to fit your needs.   Whether you’re searching for an apartment move-out cleaning service or a house move-in service, we have you covered.  Most of our amazing customers started off with a deep cleaning to ensure their home was cleaned extremely thoroughly before setting up regular maid service where they save big with recurring cleaning discounts!  Discover the best house cleaning services Marching Maids has for you.

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Marching Maids started almost 9 years ago providing Ventura County house cleaning services but has expanded to include cleaning services in southern California and beyond.  

Ventura County, CA

Popular referral cities: Ventura, Camarillo, Mission Oaks, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks

Santa Barbara, CA

Popular referral cities: Montecito, Goleta, Santa Barbara, Summerland, Carpinteria, Goleta

Los Angeles, CA

Popular referral cities: Hollywood, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale

San Diego, CA

Popular referral cities: Del Mar, La Jolla Shores, Downtown, Mission Beach, Old Town

Denver, CO

Popular referral cities: Aurora, Boulder, Littleton, Lakewood, Westminster, Thornton

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About Us

For over years 8 years we’ve asked customer to call Marching Maids instead of sweeping it under the rug. Since then, thousands of houses have been cleaned and loyal customers have been earned. Why else should you choose Marching Maids for your next house cleaning service?

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Searching for regular maid service could be a difficult task.  The reason for that is you are looking for certain things in an individual house cleaners near me that may difficult to determine on your own. One must ask, what are the most important qualities that a professional housekeeper possesses that makes them qualified to house clean Los Angeles?  I’m sure you’re looking for a highly trustworthy maid service with well trained professionals that care about the work they do, am I correct?  Ideally you want someone that is happy to be doing the dirty work and housekeeping services just comes naturally to them.  This is where Marching Maids steps in.  You don’t have to scour through ads online trying to qualify these people because we take care of selecting the best house cleaners Ventura County and beyond.  

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We refer only the best professional house cleaners to your home

  • Professional house cleaners are background checked and vetted before being sent to your home.
  • Independent housekeepers bring all of their own cleaning supplies.
  • Customers are asked to review the maid service after every cleaning. 
  • Only the top reviewed professionals are sent work repeatedly. 
  • If you’re satisfied with your referral, we will continue to send the same person to your home.

How to find a professional housekeeper near me

When searching for a house cleaning service, it’s always important to find someone that is familiar with Ventura County.  Being that it’s a dry climate, dust often flies through the air, travels through open windows and settles on the surfaces.  A professional housekeeper Camarillo will be familiar with these type of conditions and know that dust and dirt, especially when cleaning farm houses, is a major priority and focus.  Marching Maids refers house cleaners to Los Angeles that have this level of familiarity and love for this quaint town.  Choosing a family owned company that started house cleaning Ventura county almost a decade ago,  we know the area well and take pride in doing a great job.  Marching Maids remains the best house cleaning option for southern California.  

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between standard maid service and a deep house cleaning?


The two house cleaning services are  similar in the sense that the areas of your home that get cleaned are the same.  The major difference between the two is the amount of TIME and EFFORT that it takes to perform a deep house cleaning.  The deep cleaning is a very robust, elbow-grease delivering, high-intensity, attention to detail style of cleaning designed to make the home appear as new as we can possibly make it!  We want those bathrooms shower walls to shine, the tubs to glisten, the kitchen cabinets to be radiant and the floors clean enough to grace your bare feet.  We want you to walk into your home and feel totally rejuvenated by how clean it is so you can relax and enjoy your home.  Both cleanings include a bathroom cleaning: shower walls, tubs, sink, mirrors, toilets and floors.  Kitchen: Kitchen cabinets, countertops, stovetop, inside microwave and floors. General living areas like the bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms include: general dusting, cobweb removal, trash taken out, new linens put on the bed, vacuuming and mopping.  

What kind of spaces do you professional house clean?

Marching Maids offers a wide variety of house cleaning options for a variety of spaces in Los Angeles.  We offer apartment cleaning services, townhouse cleaning services, condo cleaning services, residential cleaning services, and we even cleaned an RV or two!  When it comes to cleaning,  we are always interested to hear what sort of project you have in  mind and how we may accommodate.  

Are there any other related house cleaning services that you provide?

Yes, of course! We understand that not every house is the same and requirements can vary vastly.  Some of our most popular types of services include: Laundry services, dish washing service, wiping walls, cleaning windows, scrubbing baseboards, sweeping out patio spaces and garages, cleaning the inside of the oven, inside of the refrigerator and post construction cleaning.  

Do you do post-construction cleanings?

Marching Maids provides superb house cleaning service in Los Angeles and offers a range of cleaning solutions for every possible need. We offer post-construction cleaning for those big remodeling projects that leave fine white powder dust layered throughout the home. The cleaners will take wet rags and wipe down every surface of the home to ensure nothing is left behind. It’s a very time-consuming process that sometimes takes a couple of cleanings as the dust remains airborne for some time and slowly resettles on the surfaces over a few days.

Booking this type of maid service Camarillo, or any other house cleaning service for that matter, is made easy and pain-free by the simple Marching Maids booking form. All one needs to do is select the type of cleaning project that you would like done and book it in minutes if not seconds! We’ve completed our fair share of post-construction cleanings but the vast majority of cleanings we perform are regular house cleaning services in Ventura. Regular essentially means weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly cleaning intervals. Depending on how clean you like to keep your home between cleanings determines the frequency you select. The more frequently we clean for you the steeper the discount you will receive.

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