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Marching Maids provides house cleaning service in Camarillo and the surrounding area.  Our professional house cleaners are available for daily cleaning, weekly cleanings, bi-weekly cleanings or monthly cleanings.  Whenever you need maid service Camarillo, we will start marching to your home.  Camarillo cleaners are equipped with all their own materials and are more than qualified to offer anything from regular house cleaning services to more difficult jobs that require more robust cleaning.  Specialty services include: deep-cleanings, move-out cleanings and post construction cleanings.  Call us today at (805) 312-8039 or Book Online with a free estimate! 

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Marching Maids provides superb house cleaning service in Camarillo and offers a range of cleaning solutions for every possible need. We offer post-construction cleaning for those big remodeling projects that leave fine white powder dust layered throughout the home. The cleaners will take wet rags and wipe down every surface of the home to ensure nothing is left behind. It’s a very time-consuming process that sometimes takes a couple of cleanings as the dust remains airborne for some time and slowly resettles on the surfaces over a few days.

Booking this type of maid service in Camarillo, or any other cleaning service for that matter, is made easy and pain-free by the simple Marching Maids booking form. All one needs to do is select the type of cleaning project that you would like done and book it in minutes if not seconds! We’ve completed our fair share of post-construction cleanings but the vast majority of cleanings we perform are regular house cleaning services in Camarillo. Regular essentially means weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly cleaning intervals. Depending on how clean you like to keep your home between cleanings determines the frequency you select. The more frequently we clean for you the steeper the discount you will receive.

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