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The history and mission of Marching Maids professional cleaning services

Marching Maids started in 2015, founded by Zach Mikasa after discovering a need for a different kind of house cleaning service.¬† After realizing that many friends and family members desperately needed house cleaning but weren’t willing to fork over the big bucks or spend time doing in-home estimates with cleaning companies, the idea of Marching Maids emerged.¬† We knew that there was a large group of independent house cleaners out there that needed a platform to help market their services.¬† The traditional ad directories online were insufficient in providing enough work and the large platforms didn’t provide enough on-the-ground support.¬† They also needed help on the business end, with collecting payments, managing their schedules and keeping organized.¬† ¬†Marching Maids was created to solve both of these issues and refer skilled independent¬† house cleaners to customers that are looking for 5 Star-reviewed and background-checked cleaners to clean their homes. After nearly a decade of experience, high customer satisfaction, thousands of homes cleaned and hundreds of 5 star reviews on major platforms, Marching Maids continues to expand and meet the demands of its customer’s from Santa Barbara County to San Diego County and beyond.¬†¬†

Zach Mikasa (Owner)

Marching Maids CEO Zach Mikasa

Zach Mikasa began his career in finance, where he worked for large fortune 100 companies learning valuable customer service and relationship management skills.¬† His career took him around the globe where he worked for a large talent acquisition company in Tokyo, Japan before returning to his hometown of Ventura to start Marching Maids.¬† ¬†An expert in customer service and relationships, taking care of clients and ensuring maximum satisfaction came easily¬† However, he didn’t know much about the ins and outs of professional cleaning before starting Marching Maids.¬† Undeterred, he did what always served him best and put both of his feet in the fire; grabbed some cleaning supplies and headed out into the field with trained professionals who knew everything there was about house cleaning.¬† With a new found understanding and appreciation for the hard work the housekeepers put in, Zach set off to create a house cleaning company that has expanded to 4 different counties and beyond

Maikel Suarez (Admin)

Marching Maids Support Team

Maikel Suarez has a long history of customer service and management roles.  He has a thorough experience of the house cleaning industry and wears many hats for Marching Maids.  He is the first contact when it comes to interviewing house cleaners and also is their first line of support when requiring assistance in the field.  He also is tremendous when it comes to customer support and answering customer questions and booking cleanings.  

Here are just a handful of professional house cleaners we refer

Professional House Cleaner
Professional house cleaner
Professional house cleaner
Professional house cleaner
Professional House Cleaner
Professional House Cleaner
Professional house cleaner
Professional House Cleaner
Professional House Cleaner

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Mission and Commitment to Excellence

At the core of every professional cleaning service is a mission to provide exceptional cleaning solutions. This mission goes hand in hand with a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every aspect of the cleaning process is executed with precision and care.

The commitment to excellence is not merely a slogan; it is a philosophy that guides every action of cleaning professionals. Many of the house cleaners we refer have been professionally trained at large cleaning companies or at the hotel they worked at.  They have acquired the skills to provide the best house cleaning possible.  

Professionalism in Every Detail

One of the hallmarks of professional cleaning agencies is the level of professionalism exhibited in every detail of their work. From the moment a cleaning team arrives at a location to the final inspection, professionalism is maintained at all times.

Attention to detail is a key aspect of professionalism in the cleaning industry. Cleaning professionals notice and address even the smallest nuances that contribute to a truly clean and organized space. This meticulous approach ensures that clients receive a level of service that goes beyond surface cleaning, creating an environment that is not just visually appealing but also hygienic and healthy.

Family-Focused Cleaning Solutions

Understanding the unique needs of families is crucial for cleaning services to provide effective and personalized solutions. Family-focused cleaning goes beyond the standard checklist and takes into consideration the specific requirements of households with children, pets, or elderly family members.

Professional cleaning services often offer customizable packages that cater to the diverse needs of families. Whether it’s handling pet dander, child-safe cleaning products, or accommodating specific scheduling preferences, family-focused cleaning ensures that every member of the household can enjoy a clean and safe living environment.

Customer Satisfaction: The Core of Every house cleaning referral service

At the heart of every cleaning agency is a commitment to customer satisfaction. The success and longevity of a cleaning service depend on the ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. Professional cleaning services prioritize customer feedback and continually strive to enhance their services based on client input.

Customer satisfaction in the cleaning industry is not just about a clean home; it’s about the overall experience. From the initial contact with the cleaning team to the post-service follow-up, every interaction contributes to building a positive and lasting relationship with clients. The dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction is what transforms one-time clients into long-term partners.