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Window cleaning is essential to making your home stand out and greatly enhances curb appeal.  Your neighbors will pass by your house and see crystal clear windows and wonder just how you did it.  My dad made me wash our windows as a kid with a bottle of Windex and a stack of newspapers.  As you can imagine, I wasn’t acknowledged for my handy work.  It took a few years before my father understood the value of a a proper window cleaning service and hired a professional technician for the job.  The contrast between a DIY window job and a professional was night and day.  The attention to detail and skill one must possess to truly clean windows and make them look great, requires experience and professionalism.  If you’re looking for a free estimate of residential window cleaning and pressure washing service, click the free quote button below and select “professional window cleaning” under services.  You can review your quote by selecting how many exterior windows you want cleaned, whether they’re French pane or standard, and any additional services like pressure washing, etc.  

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Marching Maids began offering professional cleaning services nearly a decade ago.  Since the beginning, we’ve strived to provide only the highest quality professional cleaners that we could find.  The process to receive referrals is not easy and one must be highly qualified.  Not only must the professionals be excellent at what they do, but they must be fully vetted, background checked and interviewed.  They finally need to consistently receive 4 and 5 star reviews to be eligible for new window washing opportunities.  So rest assured, when you’re searching for a top-notch local window cleaning service, know that Marching Maids has completed the qualifying process of vetting the professional to give you peace of mind. 

Window cleaning service action photo
Window cleaning service action photo
Window cleaning service action photo

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Marching Maids works with some great window washing professionals in Santa Barbara, Ventura County, Los Angeles County, Inland Empire and San Diego.  We will service single story and two story residential homes, condos and townhomes.  They will also carry ladders, large extension poles to get those hard to reach areas and every other tool required to do an excellent job.  The goal is to provide streak-free window panes that make the windows look like they were just installed.  This level of exceptional service truly make the difference in the interior of your home and the exterior as well. 

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Before hiring a window cleaner near you, it’s a good idea to know about general costs and factors. Here are questions you should ask yourself:

How much does window cleaning near me cost?

The cost of residential and commercial window clean services range from $8 per window to $15 per window.  This generally will include cleaning the inside of the window pane, the windowsill, the exterior screen and the exterior window pane.  Also, most window cleaning companies have a minimum charge for the job that starts around $150.  If you want just the inside of the windows clean, the cost is generally $5-$8 per window and that job doesn’t require such expertise to create sparkling windows because the majority of the dirt is on the exterior. 

Why should I seek professional window cleaning?

The main reason you should book professional window cleaning is because it’s so difficult to do the job yourself.  You may be saying, how hard can it be to clean windows, but if you’ve ever tried, and looked at the window as the sun was beating down on it, you would know how difficult it is to make it streak-free.  The detail and workmanship can only be acquired from years of practice and detail.  And once you have that, you also have to be comfortable getting up on ladders if your home has 2 stories or more.  You will also need to purchase all of the materials: multiple squeegees of various sizes, rags, cleaning solution, ladders, extension poles and maybe more. Most people would rather just book a professional and we have many do that sign up for regular maintenance of their windows.  

The Window Cleaning Process

I go into much more details of the window cleaning process in the cleaning blog and you can read it by clicking here.  But as a brief recap, window services includes a few different steps to make sure the homeowner approves of a job well done. 

Step 1:  The window cleaning professional will generally start with the exterior cleaning services of the home and begin removing the screens from the large windows.  Then the screens of the other windows will be removed.  They will be leaned up against a wall and gently washed with soap and water to remove dust, cobwebs and debris.  After that is completed, they will dry in the sun while the rest of the job is being completed

Step 2:  Next, a window cleaning solution will be use to wash the windows to remove the dirt.  The windows will be soapy and wet, then a squeegee is used to carefully and precisely wipe the water away leaving the windows looking excellent.  

Step 3: In order to clean the interior, please move furniture and any belongings around the window to make room for them to work.  Using the same cleaning solution, being careful not to drop water on the floor, the windows will be washed and removed of light dust and cobwebs.  Using the same technique the water will be squeegeed away to leave a “mirror-like” finish.  The window sills will be wiped clean of any water and dust.

Step 4: After ensuring the window screens are dry, the technician will then put the screens back on the windows to complete the job. 

Frequently asked questions

Are professional window cleaners worth it?

Most certainly! Window cleaners go above and beyond to leave an amazing impression on the homeowner.  The amount of experience and materials alone make booking a window cleaner a no-brainer if you care how your windows look.  

How often should I get my windows cleaned?

This kind of depends on where you live.  If you live near farmland like Camarillo, some of our customers book as regularly as once a quarter.  Same goes with our Los Angeles customers that live near busy streets.  However, most folks book us twice per year to make sure their windows look clean and transparent.  

How much for window cleaning near me?

Generally speaking, it will cost you approximately $12 per window to do the inside, outside, screen and window sill. We often bundle services together like power washing of the house, driveway, walkway and sidewalks.  

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