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Hourly House Cleaning Service Prices

An hourly cleaning can be a good substitute for a flat-rate cleaning in certain situations.  If you own a large home, you are the sole occupant and the rest of the home is rarely used, then it may be a good idea to book an hourly cleaning.  The cleaner(s) can focus their time and energy in just the areas of the home that you matter to you most.  The areas we commonly see used in this situation are the master bedroom, master bathroom, kitchen and living room.  However, the areas you tell us to clean are customizable to your liking.  For the hourly option we can send one or two cleaners for a two-hour minimum depending on your preference.  Prior to your cleaning appointment, a representative will call you to ask for your cleaning list or you can write it in the comment box when you book your appointment.  The cost of one cleaner per hour is $65/hour for a minimum of 2 hours. Two cleaners will cost $130/hour for a minimum of 2 hours.  After two hours of cleaning, every additional minute will be billed on a pro rate basis.   You can also tell us if you would like the cleaning capped at a certain time to ensure we stay within your budget. Or you can let us know if we can stay longer until all the items on your cleaning list are completed.  No discounts are given for hourly cleanings

  • I have a large home, single occupant and not much of the house is used besides a few rooms.
  • I have a list of certain areas of the home I want cleaned. Eg: Common areas, baseboards and bathrooms.
  • I want to stick to a certain budget and have someone clean for a specified amount of time.

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