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Looking for affordable move-out cleaning services near me?

Look no further! Marching Maids has performed thousands of move-out cleanings for satisfied customers for the past 8 years.  What makes us so good at it? Well, practice for one.  After doing so many move-in/out cleaning services, we learned a few things along the way.  We now know what sort of questions to ask homeowners and renters so that both the professional house cleaners and the clients know what to expect to ensure the best results possible.    We start off by ensuring we pick the best possible day and time for the move out cleaning service to take place.  This sounds like an easiest part of the process but it’s not, because there are a lot of factors to weigh.  First we need to know when the house will be completely vacated and all belongings are completely removed from the kitchen cupboards, linen closets, bedrooms, etc.  If you cannot get all of your items out of the house before your scheduled move-out cleanings, move your items into the garage is helpful if you do not intend on getting your garage cleaned.  After the home is cleared for cleaning, we would like to know if you have all of the utilities turned on.  It’s nearly impossible to do a great job without being able to see what we are doing or have running water to fill up mop buckets and to rinse showers, tubs and sinks out.   Lastly we want to ensure that Marching Maids Move-out cleaning service is the last one in your home before the new tenant or home owner moves-in to the property.  If you still have handymen, painters, carpet cleaners and other providers entering the home after its been cleaned, the new tenant may no appreciate the extra traffic on their clean floors.  I know moving out of a house can be stressful and there are a lot of moving parts.  If you need an apartment move-out cleaning service there are perhaps less things to worry about since the apartment manager will assist with some utilities and a move-out cleaning checklist.  Apartment rentals typically have less things to physically move as compared to someone living in a larger home.  Once all of these questions have been asked we then determine the best day and time to schedule the cleaning services for move-out.  A move-out cleaning Los Angeles can take as short as 2 hours for a small studio that’s well kept or as long as two full working days for large homes.  In general, a move-out cleaning will take around 4-7 hours for an average sized home.  Given this information, we like the professional house cleaners to have a large stress-free window to do the most thorough house cleaning possible.  An ideal scenario is an entire day blocked off for the housekeepers to perform the task.

Move-Out Cleaning Services

What is move-out cleaning services?

Move-out cleaning service is designed to make a vacant home as move-in ready as possible.  The move-out cleaning will include a thorough cleaning of the bathrooms.  Cleaning inside the shower walls, the bathtub, the sink, mirrors, inside medicine cabinets and cabinet beneath sink, toilets and floors. The Kitchen will include a thorough detailing of the outside surfaces: cabinets, countertops, sinks and stovetop.  As well as the inside of the microwave, oven, refrigerator and cabinets.  General cleaning throughout the additional living spaces consists of cobweb removal, dusting, cleaning the inside of closets and shelves, wiping baseboards, windowsills, vacuuming, sweeping and moping floors.  Save yourself the hassle and time by booking a professional house cleaner from Marching Maids to do your move-out cleaning service today.  

Move-out cleaning service scheduling checklist

  1. Determine when you must be out of your home or when your lease ends.
  2. Make a list of all of the services you will need to compete prior to your move-out.  Marching Maids house cleaning services also has window cleaning service and carpet cleaning service.
  3. Make sure your home is completely vacant and all other services will be completed prior to booking your move-out cleaning service.
  4. Ensure the home still has power and water.  House cleaning is very difficult to do if these utilities are turned off.  
  5. Call Marching Maids or go online to get a free estimate and book a move-out cleaning service near me. 
  6. Make sure the cleaners can clean undisturbed for up to a full day, if needed.  
  7. In the special instructions box on the booking form, please indicate how your professional housekeeper is to enter the property. 

How much does a move-out cleaning service cost?

We all know moving is a dreadful task.  When you tell friends you’re moving, one is usually met with optimism and excitement.  When you tell a friend you need help moving, they usually say they have something planned that day.  We’ve all been there.  The thought of moving somewhere new is way more exciting than all the work it takes to pull it off. You will need help moving all of your items, setting up utilities at your new address, loading and unloading and the list goes on.  The last thing you want to do after the laborious task of moving in to a new residence is cleaning your old home that you won’t even be living in anymore.  If you have a large lease deposit and you want to get as much of it back as possible, you will also need to ensure you get a professional move-out cleaning service to increase your chances of that.  That’s where Marching Maids house cleaning services can assist. Marching Maids has booked thousands of move-out cleaning services Los Angeles and will help you along every step of the way.  How much a move-out cleaning service cost depends on the size of the home.  The smaller the home, the more affordable move-out cleaning services are.  Move-out cleanings are a very time-consuming and tedious task.  Even if the home appears to be relatively clean and you think it’s a quick job, it can easily turn into hours of work.  There are so many cleaning details that are easily overlooked when trying to make a home move-in ready versus just a regular house cleaning.  

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How to find a professional housekeeper near me

When searching for a house cleaning service, it’s always important to find someone that is familiar with Ventura.  If you have a beach house and need house cleaning in the Ventura Keys or Pierpont, the professional housekeeper better know a thing or two about cleaning up sand.  A professional housekeeper Ventura will be familiar with these type of conditions and know that sand, is often brought back into the home either by kids or dogs after a fun day at the beach.  Marching Maids refers house cleaners to Ventura that have this level of familiarity and love for this awesome beach town.  Choosing a family owned company and a business owner that lived in Ventura during high school is a great move in picking someone familiar with the city.  Marching Maids remains the best house cleaning option for Ventura. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a deep cleaning and a move-out cleaning?

There is a stark contrast between a deep cleaning service and move-out cleaning services.  A deep cleaning is for homes that have not been professionally cleaned in over 3 months and are intended to make the home look as new as possible.  However, the deep cleaning does not include such items as: inside oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning or inside of cabinets , closets and shelves.  The move-out cleaning was designed to make the home move-in ready for the next tenant by going the extra mile to ensure the inside of cabinets, appliances and closets are thoroughly cleaned.  You can customize any cleaning by adding various extras to your booking to make it exactly as you desire. 

What kind of spaces do you professional house clean?

Marching Maids offers a wide variety of house cleaning options for a variety of spaces in Ventura.  We offer apartment cleaning services, townhouse cleaning services, condo cleaning services, residential cleaning services, and very large homes in Ventura. When it comes to cleaning,  we are always interested to hear what sort of project you have in  mind and how we may accommodate.  

Are there any other related house cleaning services that you provide?

Yes, of course! We understand that not every house is the same and requirements can vary vastly.  Some of our most popular types of services include: Laundry services, dish washing service, wiping walls, cleaning windows, scrubbing baseboards, sweeping out patio spaces and garages, cleaning the inside of the oven, inside of the refrigerator and post construction cleaning.  

Do you do post-construction cleanings?

Marching Maids provides superb house cleaning service in Ventura and offers a range of cleaning solutions for every possible need. We offer post-construction cleaning for those big remodeling projects that leave fine white powder dust layered throughout the home. The cleaners will take wet rags and wipe down every surface of the home to ensure nothing is left behind. It’s a very time-consuming process that sometimes takes a couple of cleanings as the dust remains airborne for some time and slowly resettles on the surfaces over a few days.

Booking this type of maid service in Ventura, or any other house cleaning service for that matter, is made easy and pain-free by the simple Marching Maids booking form. All one needs to do is select the type of cleaning project that you would like done and book it in minutes if not seconds! We’ve completed our fair share of post-construction cleanings but the vast majority of cleanings we perform are regular house cleaning services in Ventura. Regular essentially means weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly cleaning intervals. Depending on how clean you like to keep your home between cleanings determines the frequency you select. The more frequently we clean for you the steeper the discount you will receive.

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