Window Cleaning

Professional Window Cleaning Service near me

Window cleaning is essential to making your home stand out and look great.  Your neighbors will pass by your house and see crystal clear windows and wonder just how you did it.  You’ll enjoy sitting in your living room feeling the warms sunrays filter through your blinds and set a great atmosphere for whatever you’re doing.  On a beautiful day you can gaze out a haze-free window to the beautiful outdoors.  Watch the humming birds suckle on your flowers and see the trees sway in the wind.  A clean window really changes the dynamic of a home and makes everything feel that much cleaner.  Call us today to book your professional window cleaning service.

Routine Cleaning

Save up to 20%

    -Dust outside of cabinets
    -Wiping counter tops and stove top
    -Disinfect inside microwave
    -Take out trash
    -Polish stainless steel appliances
    -Sweep and mop floors

    -Once-over scrubbing of shower walls, bathtub and glass
    -Clean mirrors
    -Scrub toilets
    -Clean countertops and sinks
    -Sweep and mop floors

    -Cobweb removal
    -Dust flat surfaces
    -General Straightening
    -Wipe blinds and windowsills
    -Make beds
    -Vacuum baseboards
    -Vacuum and mop floors
  • ADD-ONS (Recurring Discounts Apply!)

    +Detail inside of fridge
    +Detail inside of oven
    +Clean inside of windows
    +Load of laundry
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