Winter House Cleaning

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Winter House Cleaning Service

The winter season tends to slow down for most businesses with perhaps the exception of accountants and tax professionals.  It’s understandable that most people are recouping from the holidays, getting their tax affairs in order and are waiting to resurface from their home again in the spring along with their roses.  We offer a great deep cleaning in the spring for those folks, but what about the majority of people staying indoors during the winter months?  Wouldn’t they like a freshly cleaned home while reading a novel or watching a movie?  Having a routine cleaning service to keep your house cozy, clean and comfortable can really change the way you experience the winter season.  The cleaners can clean out the fireplace and make it ready for fresh new oak logs.  They can wipe away those spider webs that have built up in the corners of the ceiling.  And what about the mud and footprints that everyone including the dogs have marked up the floors? We would love to mop those away and leave your floor shining bright anew.  We offer great recurring discounts depending on how clean you like your home in between cleanings.  For houses that have a lot of foot traffic, weekly is best. For large families with dogs, cats and kids this tends to work the best to keep everybody sane between cleanings.  For weekly cleanings of this nature we offer a 25% discount!  Cleaning are as low as $79 per cleaning for small studio apartments and goes up from there.  For homes with fewer inhabitants, it’s sometimes best to have a cleaning once per month.  That’s a sufficient regular monthly cleaning interval to ensure the bathrooms are tidy, floors are shining, kitchen cabinets are dusted and the carpet is vacuumed.   The winter months in California are short and for most people, especially those from outside of California, not even considered winter months at all.  The sun is still shining, the windows are cracked, the screen door is open and very little changes between seasons but a few degrees on the thermostat. One service we recommend holding out on is exterior window cleaning until after the rain season is over. That’s typically in mid-april for southern California. After that, the coast is clear to have that service performed as well.  Whatever your house cleaning needs are at the moment. We are here to help you meet your cleaning goals and ensure your happiness is at an all time high. So give us a call and book a regular cleaning service or a one-time maid service today to make sure your home is at its cleanest.  We look forward to being your housekeeping service professional provider.

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