Regular Cleaning Service

Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly Cleaning Service

Routine Cleaning Service for Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and LA County

The routine cleaning option works best for most customers that are on a regular cleaning schedule; weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or monthly.  Regardless of the frequency of cleanings, knowing exactly how much you pay per cleaning every time will give you a clear idea on how much to budget for your cleaning expense.  Whether the cleaning takes 2 hours or 2 hours and 15 minutes, the price will not change since you are being charged for the cost of the job and not the amount of time the cleaner(s) spend there.  The flat-rate cost of the job will be determined based on the square feet of your home, the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms.  This price will include a standard cleaning which you can find in the routine cleaning check list.   For anything additional such as: window washing, oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning and others, the price will increase based on which extras you choose.  We do provide a discount for regular customers.  The percentage you receive off the cost of the booking depends on the frequency of cleaning you receive. Weekly recurring customers will receive 20% off.  Bi-weekly customers will receive 15% off.  Tri-weekly 12.5%.  Finally, monthly customers will get 10% off the total cost of a the cleaning.  To ensure you are happy with the cleaning, we do ask that you do a walk-through of your home with the cleaner(s) to ensure satisfaction.  As a preventative measure, a representative of Marching Maids will also ask you to lay out the most important areas of your home that you would like special attention paid to.  We commonly hear customers mention the bathrooms, kitchen, and floors.  However, every customer is different, and we will be sure to pay close attention to all request you may have. 

  • I want to receive a discount for being a regular customer
  • I want to keep my price fixed no matter how long the cleaners are here
  • My house is regularly cleaned professionally but my normal housekeeper has gone on vacation, is not available,etc


Routine Cleaning

Save up to 20%

    -Dust outside of cabinets
    -Wiping counter tops and stove top
    -Disinfect inside microwave
    -Take out trash
    -Polish stainless steel appliances
    -Sweep and mop floors

    -Once-over scrubbing of shower walls, bathtub and glass
    -Clean mirrors
    -Scrub toilets
    -Clean countertops and sinks
    -Sweep and mop floors

    -Cobweb removal
    -Dust flat surfaces
    -General Straightening
    -Wipe blinds and windowsills
    -Make beds
    -Vacuum baseboards
    -Vacuum and mop floors
  • ADD-ONS (Recurring Discounts Apply!)

    +Detail inside of fridge
    +Detail inside of oven
    +Clean inside of windows
    +Load of laundry
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