Zach Mikasa


Marching Maids CEO Zach Mikasa

Zach Mikasa began his career in finance, where he honed his customer service and relationship management skills while working for large Fortune 100 companies. His professional journey took him around the globe, including a significant tenure with a major talent acquisition company in Tokyo, Japan. Eventually, Zach returned to his hometown of Ventura to start Marching Maids, a cleaning referral agency dedicated to connecting clients with top-tier cleaning services.

Approach: Zach’s approach to house cleaning services is rooted in a deep understanding of client needs and a commitment to excellence. He believes in building strong, transparent relationships with both clients and cleaning companies, ensuring that every referral is tailored to the specific requirements of each job. His meticulous attention to detail and insistence on quality have earned Marching Maids a reputation for reliability and excellence.

Zach’s communication skills are unparalleled, making him a standout in the industry. He excels in listening to clients, understanding their concerns, and conveying their needs accurately to the cleaning professionals. His ability to facilitate clear and effective communication ensures that expectations are met and often exceeded. Whether dealing with a simple cleaning task or a complex project, Zach’s dedication to keeping all parties informed and engaged is a key factor in the success of Marching Maids.

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