A little Holiday Cheer

Table of Contents

Marching Maids Gift Card

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Every creature was stirring even a little brown mouse
There were crumbs, and hair and sticky things too
So much fur from the pets the place looked like a zoo

John looked at Kim with worry and fear
My Dear, do you think Santa would ever come here?
The house is a mess and no cookies are left
And Sunday at 7 we welcome our guests!

Panicked and stressed they put their head in their hands
If only someone could get us out of this jam
Kim looked up and saw the Marching Maids card on her fridge
A cleaning gift card last year that she got from her kids

With the swipe of her finger the phone came alive
She booked a cleaning in seconds and John nearly cried
The cleaners came over the very next day
And the house was left spotless by two Marching Maids

So happy her house was clean and shiny again
She bought cleaning gift cards for all her family and friends
She told them of how Marching Maids saved her day
Then everyone had a great holiday.  


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