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Windows so clean it's like it's not even there

Step by step guide to complete window cleaning

Just the other day I was walking down State Street in Santa Barbara and peered in the window to see all the new devices.  It struck me that high-end stores like Apple, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and others have spotless windows.  Why is it that these boutique shops have such clear windows?  Well, one reason is so that you can see the merchandise of course. But it also gives the impression of a well-kept store that people want to walk into.  Not only that, but once you’re inside, the outside light brightens up the merchandise and gives a positive tone.  A home is no different than a store of this caliber.  When a guest walks into a home and see streak-free windows with sun beaming in through the panes, a sense of warmth falls over everyone.  Conversely, you can gaze out of your windows and see the beautiful outdoors.   So how do you get such beautiful, clear, streak-free windows? Check out our guide.

Step 1:

You want to walk around the perimeter of the home and remove the screens from the windows.  This can be a little tricky to do at first, but you will quickly catch on. One most screens there’s a spring-loaded side that can be compressed and then removed from where it’s slotted into.  On other screens you may have to find the shallowest slot, typically on the bottom groove, this is where you will start to remove the screen.  I usually use a flat-head screwdriver to gently pry the screen from the groove while making sure not to bend the frame.  Be very careful of this. If you bend the frame, it may not sit flush inside the tract anymore and may need to be reframed or adjusted by hand to fit again.  Once you’ve removed all screens from the windows, prop them up on a support.  With a light-bristled brush and a bucket of soapy water, begin lightly brushing back and forth until all debris is removed and then rinse with water.  Set them in the sun and allow it to fully dry.

Step 2:

Now it’s time to clean the windows.  You will need a bucket with dish soap (Dawn works well) and a good squeegee.  You can usually find one at Home Depot with a strong straight edge.  Dip a rag in the soapy water and thoroughly wash the window from top to bottom.  Once completed, take your squeegee, start from the top of the window, and work your way down.  Repeat this for all the windows on the inside and outside of the home.  When working on the windows on the inside of the home it is nice to lay a towel on the windowsill to catch any water that might drip onto the floor.   Lastly you will want to have a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol and some water and a lint-free rag. Any small streaks or drips you may see can be touched up with this.

Step 3:

Replace all your window screens. It’s important to start with one window, work your way around the house and end at the window you started with.  The screen sizes may vary and that’s the best way to ensure that you put the correct screen on the correct window. 



There you have it! You now know how to clean your windows.  You’ll have your neighbors walking by your house wondering how you did it!o.

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