Fall in love with a deep cleaning

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Fall in love with a deep cleaning


A subtle crisp breeze

Falling red leaves

Bare naked trees

Pumpkin spice coffee and teas


Halloween stores

Temperature falling some more

Fireplace lit

Time for making S’mores


Kids back in school

Quiet days at home

Keep windows shut 

Block out dust and the cold


Now the house is contained

And the kids are away

A deep cleanings perfect

To keep the dust and dirt at bay


Once the big job is done

The cleaners can come

Every week, twice a week or

One time a month


Your house will stay tidy

From frequent cleanings provided

And you’ll all be much happier

That much is decided


Nothing like some poetry to start off the fall season.  Fall really is my favorite time of the year.   It’s also one of the best times to start a routine cleaning service and here’s why.  A primary reason for homes getting so dusty and dirty in southern California is due to the fact that everything is so dry and that most Ventura County homes are surrounded by farmland.  An afternoon breeze whips the dust up and has it sailing through the air and right towards your home.  In the spring and the summer, most people leave their windows open for some ventilation which lets the dust right in.  When the weather cools, windows are shut and the dust stays out.  If you have kids in school, they’re also home less often and therefore have less time during the day to create a mess in your home.  The best first step forward is to schedule a deep cleaning.  This will ensure that your house is meticulously scrubbed and detailed to ensure your house is as clean as we can possibly get it.  We will scrub the shower walls and tub.  Get down on hands and knees and detail baseboards. Ensure all food, fingerprints and crumbs are removed from white kitchen cabinets.  We will also detail the rest of the home from the ceiling down.  Once we do that, you can decide how clean you would like your home to stay in between cleanings.  If you want your house as spotless as possible between cleanings, the weekly cleaning is the best option for this.  We also recently increased the discount to 25% off recurring weekly cleanings.  The second best option would be bi-weekly cleanings at 20% off per cleaning.  Tri-weekly 15% and monthly 10% off.  If you have kids at home, another idea is to have a list of chores for them to do to help keep the house as clean as possible between your professional cleanings.


Can’t wait for your call in the fall! 

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