House Cleaner vs House Maid. Is there a difference?

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There’s a subtle distinction between a house cleaner and a maid.  With overlapping job responsibilities it’s sometimes difficult to know what to expect from the two designations.  A house cleaner is going to focus on, yes, you got it, cleaning.  The primary goal is to focus entirely on cleaning your home and ridding it of dirt, dust, grime, and scum.  Once your house is picked up and basic items are removed from surfaces that may prevent an efficient and effective cleaning, such as: shoes, daily mail, newspapers, clothes off dresser tops, etc, then a house cleaner can go in and focus on those spaces.  A house cleaner is fully aware of what products to use on various surfaces: wood, quartz, granite, laminate, etc.  They are masters of getting difficult areas of the home clean that someone without their knowledge would struggle with.  Picture yourself cleaning your shower glass doors and how difficult it is to make them look new, reflective, and fully transparent.  A cleaner has certain cleaning methods and products to really bring your home back to life and showcase just how good your house can look. 

A maid may have a lot of cleaning experience and knowledge when it comes to cleaning different areas of a home.  They should be comfortable in performing a lot of the same cleaning tasks that a house cleaner can but perhaps not as knowledgeable when it comes to subtle details.  On top of some cleaning duties, a maid will also focus on tidying, organizing, and making a home more presentable.  In the kitchen a maid may make sure the loaf of bread is securely sealed to prevent going stale.  They will look at the throw blankets and pillow in the living room and arrange them in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.  A maid will also be skilled an making a bad, stretching the sheets tightly over the mattress and displaying the pillows to make it more welcoming.

When a customer books with Marching Maids I make sure to have a thorough conversation regarding the customer’s home and confirm that they understand what they’re getting.  Referencing the above information, Marching Maids focus is house cleaning.  We ask customers to not, “clean before the cleaners arrive,” but rather pick up any clutter and loose items that may interfere with an effective and efficient house cleaning.  At the end of my conversation with every perspective customer I do ask them if there’s anything they would like us to pay special attention to.  The most common response that I hear is for a focus to be on the floors, bathrooms, and kitchen.  But if there are any other areas of the house that a customer would like help with such as making a bed, folding bath towels, or arranging pillows on the sofa, we can assist there too.  Our general rule of thumb is we will help with small tasks that take a minute or less that make a lasting impression on you when you book a routine cleaning.   These small tasks are completed on top of the general house cleaning that you receive.  Now if a customer has more “maid” related requests, I often recommend booking an hourly rate. This will allow you to decide on the amount of time you would like cleaning for and we will go down your priority list to ensure it’s all take care of. 

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