What’s better an agency or an individual cleaner?

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Personally, I’m always interested in a good deal. Who isn’t right? Do you want to spend $2000 on a brand-new mountain bike or find someone who just didn’t connect with the sport and will see you their lightly used bike for $1500?  I think I would go with the latter.   But sometime this principle isn’t so cut and dry.  Sometimes a good deal is too good to be true, as my mother has always said.  “C’mon Mom. He said the trip to Hawaii will only cost me $20?”  When searching for a house cleaner, you might be tempted to find the cheapest one possible, I mean after all, how much skill does it take to clean out the inside of a microwave. Choosing a cleaner off Craigslist for only $12 an hour might sound like a steal but maybe you’re not looking into the issue deeply enough.  I usually ask new clients if they had a previous house cleaner and if the answer is “yes,” I ask them why they’re switching. The most common reason I hear is that the cleaner is not very dependable.  Don’t get me wrong. Some individual cleaners are absolutely amazing but too often individual cleaners hand-pick the most lucrative jobs and disregard any customer that may be paying them too little or doesn’t tip quite enough to make the job sweet enough to continue.  These individuals will also bring new people with them to help out with the job and often pay these helpers very little.  This results in them needing to find new helpers all the time and that leaves the customer wondering, “who will be in my house this week?!?”  These are all very troubling questions to have to reckon with every week and you might find it much easier picking a company that vets, background check and assures you’ll have a great cleaner every time.  Marching Maids takes all the extra work off your hands and vets the cleaners, background checks them and keeps track of their cleaning feedback.  We make sure we are sending you the best cleaners every time and keep it consistent.  That way you know exactly what to expect with your home every time.  

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