5 Reasons why you should clean your carpet regularly

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5 Reasons why you should clean your carpet regularly

The current trend is to put as much hard flooring throughout the house as possible.  It’s been the case for a long time that one would put hard flooring in the kitchen since there are so many spills and splatters to surely happen while cooking.  The hard flooring then began to extend into the dining room to make cleanups from the same spills so much easier than carpet.  Gradually it spread into the living room because well, people started to eat and drink there as they lounged on their recliners and sofas watching tv.  Who ever invented the TV dinner must be a least somewhat responsible for doing such a thing?  The bedrooms were sort of the last room to be converted to hard flooring in some houses.  A lot of homeowners that made the choice to have no carpet in the home point to the fact that hard flooring is much easier to clean and maintain by the homeowner, the number of allergens were reduced, and the home appeared to look cleaner even if the wood floors had some dirt and debris on them.  However, there are still lots of people that love having carpet in their house especially in the bedrooms.  And if you have ever walked into a room with nice, fresh, soft, and clean carpet, you know exactly why. It feels great under your feet, it doesn’t get cold like hard flooring does and it makes the house just feel much warmer in general.  Of course, there’s a cost to having carpet and there are 5 good reasons why you should make sure its cleaned regularly.

1)      Cleanliness.  Presentation is always important especially if you’re having guests over regularly and you want to make a good impression.  If someone walks into your home and sees a beautifully decorated home but lots of stains and blemishes on the carpet, they may have reason to believe your home is not very clean. 


2)      Odor reduction.  Unlike hard flooring, carpets hold a lot more odor and it can linger for a long time.  By professionally cleaning the carpet you can eliminate most odors and get your home smelling good again.


3)      Allergies. A lot of customers book a cleaning because they have certain allergies that prevent them from cleaning themselves. A major culprit is dust.  Think about how much settles on your carpet every day and digs deep into the fibers that normal vacuum just cannot extract. 


4)      Preserve the life of the carpet.  By regularly cleaning the carpet you ensure that food and liquid spilled on the carpet does not turn into more harmful bacteria and mold that’s difficult if not impossible to remove later down the line. Such cases result in the homeowner having to remove the carpet completely when they could have paid to just have the carpet cleaned if they acted sooner.


5)      More livable and enjoyable.  By having a clean and good smelling carpet, people will be drawn to it.  Whether that’s your children sitting down on the carpet and playing with legos or a family sitting on the carpet to enjoy a board game, you will not hesitate to plop down. 

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