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How to get a quote and book a house cleaning service online

As a customer of many services myself, I’ve tried to get a quote for various things: cleaning, gutter repair, tree removal, gardening, etc.  It always seemed more difficult than it had to be.  The process usually involved a long and in depth conversation; generally followed by an in person visit to inspect the area to be serviced.  I wanted to eliminate all of the headache and simplify the process so that one can get a house cleaning estimate, book a service and get back to their day as quickly as possible.  


If you are looking for just a house cleaning quote, you can get one without inputting any personal information.  After clicking on the booking form page, you can skip straight to Step 3. and choose a flat-rate house cleaning option or an hourly house cleaning option.  

STEP 3: Flat-rate vs Hourly.  

The flat-rate option is best for customers who want their entire home cleaned for a fixed rate that won’t change regardless of how long the job takes to finish.  95% of recurring customers choose this option. The hourly rate is best for homeowners who only need a certain area of their home cleaned. For example just one bathroom, kitchen and living areas to be cleaned. It would make more sense to choose the hourly option for a project like this and you can select 1 cleaner for $50/hr or 2 cleaners for $100/hr.  Once you select one of these options, then you move to step 4.

 STEP 4: If you select flat-rate, pick the number of bedrooms and bathrooms on the drop down screen.  Then scroll to the bottom and see the price.  You can view all of the items that will be cleaned during the cleaning by viewing the cleaning checklist. If there’s anything extra that you would like to add ilke: Inside the refrigerator cleaning, deep cleaning, move-out cleaning, garage cleaning, window cleaning , etc you can add that on by selecting the corresponding box.  Again, scroll to the bottom and see the price.  


If you select the hourly rate option, then simply choose 1 cleaner or 2 cleaners and the amount of hours you want your home cleaned for.  If you want the cleaning to stop after a certain amount of hours, select that amount of hours. (2 hour minimum).  If you want the cleaning to continue until the entire job is completed, please note that in the customer selection box.  Scroll to the bottom of the booking page and see your quote. 




That’s all it takes to get an instant quote from Marching Maids.  95% of the time the quote is the exact amount that you will pay for the service you’re requesting.  If you would like to book a cleaning with the quote you got, input your personal information and press the “BOOK NOW” button.  A Marching Maids representative will get in contact with you and confirm all the details.  If anything is unclear, we can always change the quote to reflect the exact service you’re searching for.  Pretty easy, right?  That was my whole point in creating it. 


Hope this makes it much easier for customers to book a service quickly, efficiently and get back to their day.   


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