Top-Quality Same-day House Cleaning in Covina, CA

Do you require fast and comprehensive home cleaning services? Marching Maids is here to assist you! Our dependable same-day cleaning service is offered across Covina, CA. We recognize the difficulties of maintaining a clean home amidst a busy schedule. Whether you’re expecting guests, relocating, or simply aiming to quickly refresh your space, our skilled cleaning team is eager to meet your needs promptly.

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same day house cleaning 20 coupon code

Why Choose Marching Maids for Same Day House Cleaning Service in Covina, CA?

Quick Response Time

At Marching Maids, we emphasize rapid response times. Our streamlined scheduling ensures that a skilled cleaner will promptly visit your residence. We partner with leading cleaning companies to deliver outstanding same-day home cleaning services.

Trusted Cleaning Partners

We work with skilled cleaning experts who undergo thorough screening to guarantee excellent service quality. Our partners have extensive experience, are reliable, and are dedicated to ensuring your home sparkles with cleanliness.

Customized Cleaning Plans

Every home has distinct cleaning requirements. Our flexible same-day cleaning service can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a thorough deep cleaning, a quick refresh, or targeted cleaning for specific areas, we are here to help.

Affordable Rates

At Marching Maids, we provide top-notch cleaning services that are not only cost-effective but also exceptional. We offer competitive rates for immediate home cleaning, ensuring transparent pricing without any hidden fees, so you receive excellent value for your investment.

How Our Same Day House Cleaning Service in Covina, CA Works


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Contact us via our website or call us to schedule your same day house cleaning service.


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We’ll connect you with a nearby professional cleaner who is available to start right away.


Enjoy a Clean Home

Sit back and relax while our trusted cleaning partner transforms your home.

Rave Reviews for Marching Maids

At Marching Maids, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to our clients. Here are some of the reviews from our satisfied customers:

From Your Favorite Place To Marching Maids

The Covina Valley Historical Society dedicated its small community museum on January 14, 1979.  It has been opened free of charge every Sunday from 1-3 pm ever since. Erected in 1911, the Firehouse is located directly behind Covina City Hall at 125 East College Street just east of Citrus Avenue in the heart of Covina’s historic downtown district. We showcase a fine assortment of local historical artifacts illustrating early rural life in the San Gabriel Valley.  

The Phillips Mansion is a Second Empire style historic house in Pomona, Los Angeles County, California. It was built in 1875 by Louis Phillips, who by the 1890s had become the wealthiest man in Los Angeles County.

Rubel Castle is a monumental folk architecture site nestled in the foothills of Glendora. It was entirely built by hand by Michael Rubel and his “pharmhands” over several decades. Its stone masonry was handcrafted of river rock, recycled materials and an assemblage of the relics and artifacts of Glendora’s early agricultural and industrial eras. Michael’s innovative use of both natural and cultural materials makes Rubel Castle an exceptionally important masterwork within the context of folk art environments in California.


We can quickly arrange a comprehensive house cleaning in as little as one day. Our affiliated cleaning services utilize experienced teams committed to thorough and effective cleaning. The specific duration will depend on the size of your home and its unique cleaning requirements. For an accurate estimate, please contact us with detailed information.

House cleaning service prices vary based on location, the scope of work needed, and the cleaner’s expertise. Typically, rates fall between $25 to $50 per hour. For an accurate quote, please detail the services needed and provide your location.


To achieve efficient and thorough home cleaning, follow these steps:

  1. Organize: Begin by arranging and storing any misplaced items.
  2. Prepare Supplies: Ensure all cleaning materials are ready beforehand.
  3. Room-by-Room Approach: Clean each room separately, starting with less cluttered spaces.
  4. Top-to-Bottom Method: Start cleaning from the highest points in each room and work downwards to prevent rework.
  5. Multitask: Utilize idle time, such as when cleaners are soaking, to complete other tasks.
  6. Seek Assistance: Engage family members or consider professional cleaners for quicker and more comprehensive results.

For effective and swift cleaning, our recommended professionals offer prompt and meticulous services.

The cleanliness of a home is influenced by its dimensions, the occupants, and their cleaning routines. Typically, dedicating 20-30 minutes daily to basic tidying, surface wiping, and quick vacuuming can effectively uphold cleanliness. For more thorough cleaning, allocating a few hours weekly is generally sufficient. When time is scarce, employing professional cleaners can ensure a spotless home with minimal personal involvement.